Visit Switzerland - The Rotsee

A water world!!!

Exceptional vistas, unique nature and even a rowing club, help the visitors relax to the greatest. This place is the Rotsee!

B.H.M.S. Students visit Switzerland - The Rotsee    B.H.M.S. Students visit The Rotsee    B.H.M.S. Students visit The Rotsee in Switzerland 

Beside the famous lake Lucerne, there are 6 other lakes in the Kanton Lucerne.
One of them is the Rotsee which can be reached on foot within 10 minutes from the main B.H.M.S. campus!

Among other student activities, our students enjoy short excursions like this which help them recharge their batteries and go back in class refreshed having even more high mood till they complete the academic term.

The Rotsee - Visit Switzerland    Visit Switzerland - The Rotsee    B.H.M.S. visit the Rotsee 

The Rotsee is 2,400 metres (7,900 ft) long with virtually no current and protected from winds by nearby hills making it an ideal rowing venue.

From 1933 it is the venue of a large number of international rowing events, including the first ever World Rowing Championships that was held in 1962.

The Rotsee - B.H.M.S. Students visit the Rotsee    B.H.M.S. Students visit Switzerland - The Rotsee    Happy B.H.M.S. Students visit Switzerland 

It is a beautiful lake with lots of animals. A perfect jogging area or just a great spot to relax on these beautiful fall days.

Don't miss any of the student activities offered by B.H.M.S. to all of its students!

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