MSc Seminar focused on Luxury Brands and Services Management

At the end of the first semester of the MSc in International Hospitality, the students have the opportunity of taking part in one themed specialized seminar to conclude the academic part of the course. The options are:

  • Sport & Event Marketing

 From concept to execution, students are introduced to the world of event management across a multitude of sectors from mega-sport events to summits, sponsorship and post-event evaluation.

  • Spa, Beauty & Wellness Management

 Students explore the market trends and product developments, shaping the industry and the variety of facilities, services and management strategies available to meet these demands.

  • Branding, Luxury Products & Services Management

Luxury brands are prevalent in today's society. The symbolism, experiential and emotional identities of some of the world's most famous brands is investigated together with the consumer behavior driving these products and services.

The current MSc students have voted and chosen the specialized seminar focused on  Luxury Brands and Services Management.

The 3-day seminar took part last week ant the participants were introduced to the Luxury sector to learn Branding principles, key elements, and techniques, and received the necessary Marketing and Brand Management knowledge by working on individual and group projects.

The main scope of this themed seminar was to broaden the students knowledge of the Industry, key players and best practices, and also to inform them on current market trends.

The seminar demonstrates also the constant interaction between the Branding elements and processes and the successful implementation of strategic goals in international businesses.

Using the experiential approach as a teaching method, the students had the opportunity to create their own memorable learning moments by visiting two unique Museums: Bally and Omega!

MSc Seminar focused on Luxury Brands and Services Management by B.H.M.S. Lucerne   B.H.M.S. MSc Seminar focused on Luxury Brands and Services Management   B.H.M.S. Lucerne - MSc Seminar focused on Luxury Brands and Services Management     

Biel is the capital of the watch industry and the students had the chance to visit the Omega Museum and follow a "tailor-made" tour by a specialized watch expert!

Seminar focused on Luxury Brands and Services Management - MSc Students   MSc Students - Seminar focused on Luxury Brands and Services Management   Luxury brands are prevalent in today's society.

The museum is the oldest watch museum dedicated to the history of a single brand. With a fascinating variety of objects, pictures and exhibits, the Omega Museum documents and highlights the history of the famous Biel watch brand.

Students had the chance to examine the equipment Omega has developed and used in its timekeeping role at the Olympic Games since 1932 and to appreciate brand´s close involvement in NASA's manned Space program for more than 45 years.

Except for the Omega "Speedmaster" collection (also known as the "Moon watch"), students´ favorite timepieces were the wristwatches worn by actress Nicole Kidman / actress, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig playing James Bond, as long with the watch worn by John F. Kennedy at his inauguration when he became 35th President of the United States!

Seminar for B.H.M.S. MSc Students   Luxury brands are prevalent in today's society   B.H.M.S. Seminar for MSc Students   Happy B.H.M.S. Students   Hospitality and Global Business - Study at B.H.M.S. Lucerne   Study at B.H.M.S. Lucerne Switzerland

Students were able to discover many examples of innovation and craftsmanship, understand the link between branding and heritage, luxury and quality, scarcity and symbolism; as well artwork and advertising- all of which represent key learning points of the specialized Seminar in Branding, Marketing, and Customer Service Management in Luxury Sector.

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