B.H.M.S. Ranking 2019

B.H.M.S. is ranked 5th best Hotel Management School in Switzerland

B.H.M.S. ranking went up to the 5th position among the best Hotel Management Schools in Switzerland according to the CEO World Ranking 2019.

In a worldwide survey of the world’s top Hospitality Management universities, B.H.M.S. and its accreditation partner Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, managed to be among the best educational institutes providing high quality studies in Hospitality management to students from all around the globe.

We offer a once-in-a-lifetime study experience to students who wish to have a career in the Hospitality Industry, and we designed one of the fastest track Bachelor and Master Degrees in Switzerland without compromising the educational quality.



B.H.M.S. is ranked 5th Best Swiss Hotel School among all the Hotel Schools in Switzerland

B.H.M.S. is ranked 5th Best Swiss Hotel School among  all the Hotel Schools in Switzerland

2018 CEO World Ranking B.H.M.S.

2018 CEO World Ranking

B.H.M.S. is ranked 31st from all the Hotel Schools Worldwide

Ranking Web of Universities - B.H.M.S. Lucerne

2018 Swiss Universities Ranking

B.H.M.S. was ranked in the 51st place, out of 102 Swiss Universities and Institutions 

How to choose the right Hotel Management Institution

How to choose the right Hotel Management Institution

Ranking is only one factor which can be considered by students while choosing a college.

Educational institutions continue to be evaluated according to the variety of Academic Courses offered, the Accreditation of the programsthe campuses locations, the quality of the facilities, the international student and faculty ratio, and of course a visit to the campus, can help students make the best decision for the best institution.

Since 1998, B.H.M.S. continuously prepares worldwide hospitality leaders that follow exciting career paths in the hospitality industry after graduating with valuable degrees that have an amazing reputation in Switzerland and abroad.

We would like to encourage you to get to know B.H.M.S. better by exploring our website, and we hope we will be your first step to a successful career in the  Hospitality Industry!

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Our Study Programs:  

Hotel and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management                 |     MBA Dual Degree

Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management     |     M.Sc Degree in International Hospitality Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management   |     Postgraduate Diploma Hospitality Management

Global Business Management

Bachelor Degree in Global Management

M.Sc. Degree in Global Business Management

MBA Dual Degree

Culinary Arts

Diploma Culinary Arts

Higher Diploma Culinary Arts

Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts