Business and Hotel Management School - Luzern Switzerland

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BHMS Students Activities


戸外活動はスポーツ等を楽しめるだけでなく、学生達がスイスについて、そしてスイスのホスピタリティ産業をより深く知るとても重要な機会です。 また、戸外学習は学習の補助のみならず、新しい友人を作るネットワーク構築の機会でもあります。



BHMS students enjoyed a cycling day in the nature, next to the city of Luzern.

BHMS students went boxing. enjoying the thrill of the fight they trained, punched and sweated. No pain No gain!

As part of the students fan activities, BHMS students enjoyed the Swiss Arena in Luzern for the whole day.

BHMS is going sledding on the Rigi