Review from Maria Ezhova

Why did you choose B.H.M.S. for your studies?
B.H.M.S. got my attention during a presentation on a career fair in Moscow. The presentation was delivered in such an inspiring and informative way and I realized that B.H.M.S. meets all the expectations I had from a hospitality school.

Tell us about your experience of living in Switzerland.
Switzerland appeared to be an amazing country with breath-taking natural beauties and a true sense of hospitality. I enjoyed my time every day and I still feel I want to come back there again and again.

How was the relationship with classmates, staff and lecturers? How would you describe your experience of studying in a multicultural school?
At the beginning it was a bit hard for me to adapt to the new and multicultural environment. I was surprised with the many different people from various cultural backgrounds as they were interacting nicely together! But with the time I got integrated in the school's life and since all the students had the same study goals and group tasks I found a lot of good friends.

How did you enjoy your free time during term breaks, holidays and weekends?
I could enjoy my free time during studies since Switzerland has a perfect public transportation network that you can easily visit new cities wherever you want! Moreover, Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe and this gives you the opportunity to visit a lot of places like I visited Italy and France.

If you had to recommend B.H.M.S. to other students or friends, which advantages/benefits would you mention?
I really like B.H.M.S. in a lot of aspects starting from the highly professional attitude of lecturers to a nice range of free time activities. The study life was organized very well and I never felt depressed being far from home. Moreover, B.H.M.S. offers a lot of opportunities for self-improvement, for example there were extra classes you could choose in the subject you liked most.

Swiss Education
The fact that a degree obtained from a Swiss college shines brilliantly in my CV, as well the internship I completed in Switzerland and B.H.M.S. found for me, helped me to improve myself personally and professionally.